Leaking radiator

After a weekend full of riding ive noticed that i have a slow leak in the bottom of my right radiator. just curious as to any ideas people might have to patch it up? until ive saved for a new set of oversize radiators from ebay

$175 for the set new also while im on the subject of cooling would a silicone hose kit for 04 kx 250 fit on my 98?

they make a radiator sealant you mix with the antifreeze I saw it at walmart not to long ago

i thought about something like that but dont really want it getting into my water pump

Radiator shops should be able to repair them for much less.

Mylers repairs motorcycle rads. I think about $50. You might want to read up on those oversize rads, just because they are bigger doesn't mean they cool better. There's alot of right side rads on Ebay, any 94-02 125/250 will work. Pre 99's don't have the provision for the small brace.

i live in oz its going to cost me atleast 100 because all i can find on ebay are from the u.s. i can get the pair for 175 from here . the tank looks to be glued on with some kind of epoxy any idea of what it is ? the leak is down the bottom of the right tank so if i can get some similar glue i might be able to patch it up.Also would rad hoses from a 04 fit a 98 i like the look of having green hoses

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