healing faster

i just had my wisdom teeth surgicly removed and have a mx race on friday and was wondering if their was any thing i could eat, drink, or do to help my mouth heal faster so id be fine for my race

thanks for any infromation

ice and advill. follow your docs advice. I hear dry socket is hell

yeah man you dont want to get a dry socket. When i got mine out i think they said i shouldnt ride for 2 weeks but i rode like a week early. If it still feels soft and painful on friday, i wouldnt rush it. Let it heal, but if you feel good and its healing good, you should be fine.

thanks and my friend had a dry socket and could only do 2 laps befor he had to pull off

do what doc says

Rinse with salt water often, follow the doors orders

Don't spit, you'll just pull the blood clot out, make it bleed again and increase your chances of a dry socket, good news is the mouth is the fastest part of the body to heal despite all the bacteria that's in there (ewww gross :smirk:)

actually the tissue of your eye is the fastest part of you body to heal...as a carpenter ive had stuff removed from my eye a few times

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