TTR 125 First Impression for tight Woods Riding

Just got back from my first ride ever on the TTR 125.

I did the:

Airbox mod with correct jetting 17.5 Pilot and 110 Main

BBR frame cradle

BBR pipe

BBR High Flow Air filter

BBR chain guard

BBR Front and Rear Heavy Duty Fork and Shock Springs

BBR Fork upper Triple Clamp

GYTR Tall seat

I was SMILING from ear to ear. What a blast this thing is in the woods. I weigh 250 lbs and it has plenty of power in first and second gear to lift the front end over big logs. The suspension was like it was made for tight woods riding in 2nd and 3rd gear. The rebound on the shock even works. Power delivery is like perfect. Real smooth and just chugs right along.

The only things I think I will do is put 15 weight oil in the front forks and get one of those stainless steel front brake lines.

I’m not breaking any speed records, but think I could keep up with the boys on the big bikes unless they get into the real gnarley rocky stuff or go up the steep uphills.

So far, including the purchase of the bike I have $1,100 invested. The only items I had to buy new was the BBR frame cradle and the BBR high flow air filter. The rest I got on Craigslist.

This thing is all about having fun and grinning from ear to ear:ride:

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Glad to hear you had a fun ride that's what it's all about but your widely mistake to think you can keep up with anything on a ttr125 not even close to a 85 your a little big for that bike to

That sounds like a very fun bike to ride in the tight stuff. I'd like to try a bike like that out on some of the tight single track at one of the OHV parks we ride at on a regular basis here in N.C. Like a friend of mine says, "Sometimes I feel as though I have more fun riding smaller bikes than I do the full size ones."

I know I'm a little heavy for the bike:lol:... In the woods it's great. It's not fast like my KTM 525 or 250 on the straights. In the tight stuff, like going through trees that only have 30 inches between them I can go pretty quick and I definately go as fast through that stuff as any big bike.:smirk:. I agree also that it is more fun riding the smaller bike. Part of it I think is that the center of gravity is so low to the ground, you can just rail though the turns. Another thing I like is that there is no wheel spin at all.

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In the tight stuff, like going through trees that only have 30 inches between them I can go pretty quick and I definately go as fast through that stuff as any big bike.:smirk:.

Oh ok I see what your saying. I totally agree little bikes are a blast to ride :smirk:

I did the same thing yesterday. Spent about 8 hours finding old trails that were overgrown and trying to hack a path through and reopen them. I'm talking trails that hadn't been ridden in 10 years and we had to use a GPS to find.

On the TTR it felt like cheating. Not enough power to ever scare you and a bike I can throw over my shoulder plus electric start even...niiiiiice :smirk:. The guys on the CRF230 and KTM300 were working thier butts off while I was sitting at the end of the trail I had just bulldozed open waiting on them.

I'm about 210 with gear and my TTR is stock except for the BBR frame brace, taller bars and jetting. Plenty of power and I was able to rip down the open trails with plenty of speed too.

It is kind of weird when you're pushing through weeds and such that're so thick you can't see your front tire :prof: . I was giggling like a 10 year old girl all day.

Yes...this is actually a trail :smirk:



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