WR200 Fuel Mixture

I've got a '92 WR200 with stock jetting and am wondering about the fuel mixture ratio. The manual calls for 24:1 but I was told that is too much oil and 35:1 would be fine. I ended up mixing 30:1 but am wondering if or how much I should see the bike smoke. It smokes on start-up when the choke is on but after that I don't see any smoke. I'm using amsoil synthetic.

I mixed 8.5oz of oil into 2 gallons(just to make sure my math is correct)


Your math is pretty close, 8.533 ounces would get you to 30:1 premix ratio.

I personally run 32:1 premix, Castrol TTS with premium pump gas in my bikes. I only smoke when cold. Once everything reaches operating temp, I am burning very clean and you can't hardly see any smoke.

I have heard of some guys running Amsoil at 50:1 or even leaner premix ratios. For my money, your jetting had better be just about perfect if you are going to do that or you are risking a siezure.

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