KDX 200 Over rev

Hey guys, went out riding today, dumped the bike on its side, broke the end of my grip..didnt think anything major was wrong, went to start the bike up again and it just reved reallly high while in neutral. Kept doing it, finally tried to ride it, and was able to but all messed up, whenever i pulled the clutch in, started to over rev again, and switching gears was all messed up, only reason i rode it was because i was way out in the woods and had go to get it home. Not sure why it takes off revving but is "ok" once I go into 1st and start to ride a bit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..thanks!

could be a kinked throttle cable make sure the throttle valve in your carb moves all the down if that doesn't work than I would set the idle screw again

stuck throttle cable is my bet. check the whole thing from the throttle tube to the carb.

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