Good deal or no?

Well im looking to buy a 125 to start racing and this is what i have found.

He told me that the entire engine has been rebuilt buy a mechanic at the bike shop where he works and it only has 15 min on it, the suspension is new, new plastics, and new tires. it also has a procircuit works exhaust. So what do u guys think? good deal or no?

not to bad for a 7 year old bike. i would try to get him down a little though. maybe around 16-17. most people try to get there money back they have invested and raise the price the bike is really worth.

Thanks rasta, anyone else have any feedback on the bike?

if you could talk the guy down with the 04 kx125, and if the guy is telling the truth about it, id go with that, if you look at it peak into the exhaust port and see how the piston looks, and take the flywheel cover off and yank up and down on the flywheel to see if the crank bearings are still good, if you can pull the flywheel up and down, **** it and walk away

A good deal won't last for one morning. If it's still around, no one else thinks its a good deal.

I never want a bike that's been "rebuilt." I want one on it's first life cycle. That bike has been worn out and completely used up, and had to be restored to the point where it would function again.

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