Professional FMX Rider Needs Your Help!


Hi guys,

This is my first post on TT...I moved to the Sacramento area (Roseville) last winter from the Seattle area and have been in search of a place to practice on a regular basis (2-3 times/week) to prepare for my busy summer of riding. I am on the road all summer traveling from event to event in the NW and am in need of a consistent spot to set up a ramp to dirt landing to practice at. I have been riding FMX professionally for the past couple years now and am not a beginner by any means. I ride around 30-40 demos all over the NW every year. If anyone in the area has a small piece of land or a track they would be willing to let me set up my ramp to I would greatly appreciate it. I've been trying to reach any of the owners at the tracks in Marysville to discuss this but yet to hear anything back from any of them.

theres plenty of people in the sacramento area that ride fmx so theres gotta be places to ride. i know some guy has a compound at his house in grass valley that was featured in nitro circus. roseville isnt too far from GV.

That guy in Grass Valley is Jesse Olson and he is impossible to get ahold of...I have a good number of contacts in FMX and no one seems to have a current number to reach him at. I've also been informed that his place is no more...sold his ramps and leveled the property. Basically just trying to see if anyone has a track or something on their property and wouldnt mind having one ramp to one landing on their property as well.

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