yz250f Won't kick over

My yz250f will barley kick over.

I went to bump start down a hill. When it didn't start, I stopped and tried kicking. The kick start is VERY stiff. It barley goes down. With enough force, it will go down, but not smooth enough to start. Everythihg was running fine until this point. It was usually starting on the second or third kick before the kick start seized.

I was deep into some single track and decided to try bump starting again since I didn't feel or hear anything that would resemble my engine seizing.

It bump starts great! But still will not kick start....

Any ideas what's going on and what I need to do to get back out there?

What year? Is the kick start stuck or just really hard?

I'd stop right now before you really do some damage.

Take the side cover off and look inside the clutch area and begin a diagnosis. These issues don't fix themselves and continuing riding is making the damage worse.

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