head leaking on 10

Ok i just reassembled my top end on my 10 450 with new gaskets and piston and rings from cp. I just had it out and noticed air coming from the little hole next to the coller line on the kickstart side of the motor. After a quick ride noticed it also spits out a small amount of oil as well. Any thoughts?

Check your valve cover gasket. It's tough to get in the right spot.

Only way oil can come out that hole is through the valve cover gasket leaking around the spark plug hole

Pull your plug cap/coil and I bet its all oily

So on putting ny motor back togethr i dropped a smallbolt in the timing. Chain. My flywheel puller doesn't fit. Where can I find one that works?

The flywheel puller for an '06 or later YZ450 will fit, as will one for an '02-'08 CRF450.

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