Kxf Cam Timing


The cam timing on my 2008 Kxf was out, we got it right and it is now sorted, just wondering how the timing was out, it is a second hand bike and i don't know whether i should be concerned or not about it? or is it something that is common?


It is not common and definately not normal.

If it was like this when you got it, it´s likely that they shimmed a bad valve and put it all together in a haste and got it one tooth off.

If it ran good, then suddenly ran bad, and you discovered the timing was off, well you have a problem...

Inspect all parts real good, the sprockets, the guides, and most importantly the timing chain and tensioner.

The chain is cheap, replace it.

If you have any doubts about the tensioner, get a new one too.

When installing the tensioner, it needs to be reset all the way back. Then mount the tensioner body with teeth facing up/in. Then finally put in spring, rod and cap with aluminum washer. You will hear the tensioner´s ratchet click out and take up the slack.

Then check the timing dots.

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