Need help on how to check oil on cr250

I dont really know where to check the tranny oil , it looks like there is no dip stick only a threaded cap but i cant really tell if it has enough oil or if its good oil dat it has in there or what! we drained sum oil from da bottom of the bike to check if it had any n it did, the oil was like a dark grey color n kind of milky, any help greatly appreciated, thnx

there is a oil check bolt on the clutch side of the motor you let the motor warm up than unscrew it and a little oil should drip out, if it milky that means there is water in the oil it's best to just drain it and put fresh oil in it.

wut type of oil is recommended, n if it does drip out wut does dat mean? is der two types of oil as in tranny n motor

Might as well drain and put fresh oil in. If it is is milky, you also need to check your water pump seals.

The motor gets oil from the pre mix you mix in your gas. The tranny will almost accept any kind of oil you want. I prefer ATF type f, others like the shell rotella, and others won't use anything but the maginc Honda labeled oils.

i can probably get this at autozone rite?


kool thnx, sorry for the all questions, just starting out.

Is dat quicksilver stuff any good I can't find dat ATF type f oil u said I'm here at autozone now

any 10w40 motorcycle oil that's for a wet clutch should work just fine I'm using lucas semi synthetic

It's not gonna say 2 or 4 stroke rite? I found semi-synthetic sae 10w-40 Lucas high performance motorcycle oil

that's what I have, if it's for the bottom end than 4 stroke motorcycle oil is fine, for the gas mix you want 2 cycle oil,

No need to check it, just replace it every 5 hrs or so. 10-40 motor oil nothing fancy, The 02 oil check hole is off. I recommend draining it when warm. and put in the specified amount. Thats how you check it.

It's an 02 250?

Your spec should be 22 US oz at draining- normal service.

24oz after any complete disassembly.

Pay little attention to oil check hole, except as reassurance that some oil exists. It's usually drips much sooner than the 22 oz spec.

Drain bolt 22 lbf ft.

Sae 10w-40

Nondetergent,vegetabe,or castor based transmission clutch oils are not recommended.

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