KX80: BR9EG versus R6254k-105 Plug

Does anyone know the difference between these 2 plugs? I know the 1998 KX80 (my son's bike) is supposed to take the 105 plug, but it would be nice if I could use the BR9EG since it is easier to find and also the same plug that fits my CR125. The two plugs are physically the same size but the electrodes look different.

I read an archived thread on this site where someone mistakenly stated that the BR9EG was the proper plug, so that is what gave me the idea of asking.

Neither of us ride hard. We ride on a short track with tight corners and quick jumps, so WOT is pretty rare....fouling...not so rare. :smirk: I keep spare plugs in the truck, but on more than one occasion, have found myself without the correct plug for the particular bike.

With the way we ride, I'd go broke putting new plugs in these bikes, so I have taken to sandblasting them. I have jeweler's media (almost like baby powder) in my cabinet, so I have quite a few clean ones to choose from. They don't last as long as a plug with shiny metal, but it beats the cost of full replacement.

its just a fine point iridium (or some precious metal) tip. i would assume it specs that plug, just like my kx100 does, because they have fairly weak ignition systems and the spark has an easier time jumping the gap on the fine point electrode plug. i run the correct plug. i dont know why you are fouling plugs, mine has never fouled with my girlfriend riding it, which is barely above idle most of the time. you have an issue somewhere. those plugs should last much longer than a regular type like a br9eg. having said all that, run the brXeg of your choice, they seam to run fine with those as well, thats what was in my 100 before i rebuilt it.

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