Need a new throttle

My throttle is sticking. The cable is entering the housing because it's missing some parts including the cover. It's lost so I need a new one. This would be for a smaller bike, an LEM. Will any throttle fit it?

Need a cheaper one. Not my main bike. It's hard to find LEM parts for older 90's bikes.

If it has a standard size handlebar, you should be able to use just about any throttle. Try a salvage yard. Bring your cable and what's left of the throttle. You might find a close match.

The throttle cable end is the big question. I don't know if the distance from the end of the cable sheath to the end of the steel cable is standard among makes/models. I would measure it as installed on the bike (length with throttle closed, and length at wide open), then try to match that up with various junk yard pieces.

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