Identifying Aftermarket Showa Forks for new Seals

I have an '04 YZ250F and the previous owner installed Showa forks on it. I need new seals, but don't know how to identify these forks in order to buy a new seal kit. I prefer to buy parts on-line because the cost is much lower than from local shops. Can someone tell me how to identify what forks these are so I can get the proper parts?

Now before you diverge on a lengthy discussion regarding the need for high performance and rider-tuned suspension, keep in mind that I am an old guy and generally need to change my shorts if the bike gets more than 5 feet off the ground. (Medical coverage is too high for high altitude excursions, and I'm generally just an all-around chicken-sH#$) :smirk:

Is there a model number or something stamped on these somewhere?

Sometimes seals have a part number on them that a good parts guy or shop can cross reference or you can measure the I.D. and O.D. of the seal and thickness and guys can order them that way

Pop one out and take it with you to a shop. Most likely they can compare it to a few others and find what you need.

Some White Power forks use the same seal as some Showas. If your local Yamaha dealer can't (or won't) help, try a KTM dealer as they usually stock WP seals

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