Husaberg FC600?

Hey all I know nothing about this bike.. Can it be street legalized? I was thinking about getting it for my short commute and as a desert bike.. I know it has 6 speed so thats good... I driv 15 miles to work onw way.. The bike is $450, does not run due to carb problems, (supposedly) but has great compression.. Clean title and all parts are there.. Any thoughts?

More than likely,it's not carb problems.

These bikes go through CDI modules like crazy.

Hmm ok. Any idea $? To fix?

If I remember-$300.

Price is a moot point anyway, when it leaves you stranded.

He says it has a spark.

You can try starter fluid. That would rule out the CDI module.

Could be valve adjustments out of spec.

For $400, you can't go wrong.

Hmm. Well good compression would not be the valves. Is the bike a basket case? Are parts hard to find?

ok.. so i got it for $200... missing the seat and the air filter... great compression but the wires are jacked up... there are 3 wires wrapped together coming from the front of the bike and one male connector not conneced o anything coming from the rear.. I held onto the wires from the from and felt a shock.... anyone give me a hand with the wiring?

If you haven't already looked, you might try They used to have downloads of the older Berg manuals and parts diagrams. It was a tremendous help when I bought my 1994 FE600 which by the way was an awesome ride. I often regret trading it in.

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