Hour meter came off!!

After my last ride, I noticed that my hour meter came unstuck for the left side of my frame and is now gone :smirk:. The damn thing only had 3.5 hours on it!! This is pretty irratating especially after my bike fell over the day before on my driveway and broke off about 2 inches of my clutch lever. When will I catch a break?? :smirk:

Thats sucks. I know how you feel though. 2 weeks ago I blew a fork seal. Went on 1 ride a couple days ago and then cracked my rim. Plus I just had to buy new tires,chain,sprockets and other parts.

That sucks... i know what you mean, my old pitbike was nothing but problems and dropping parts. but check this; my bike jumped off the stand when i was cleaning the garage, and almost crushed the f out of me!

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