Where to get DRZ250 springs?

Tried to search forum, but not much luck. Looking for heavier springs for 01 DRZ250

Need 0.48 to 0.50 fork springs: Some say Eibach 996 for DR350 are the same. Is it true?

Shock Spring: 5.8 kg/mm for rider weight 86 kg. Is a heavy spring available for these commercially?

Another suspension expert question: Do changes in spring rates always mean revalving. I have used HD springs on KTMs without revalving, but those were race bikes.

I'm just looking to hold the bike up in the sand and using it for a dual sport bike to get back into riding.


race tech are great for a huge database on all off road bikes...

you dont have to revalve for stiff springs but some bikes get marginal on rebound with stiff springs.

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