How much is a 1981 CR250 worth?

Well, sad but true, my daughter didn't pay some of her college fees, and they won't let her register for next semester until she pays up. One option is to have her sell the Elsinore.

What are these things are worth?

This particular one is in pretty good shape, looks like the original frame paint for example. On the down side, it definitely needs crank seals and a new chain.



Anybody? :ride:

Nobody? :lol:

EDIT: BTW, new seals, new chain and sprockets on the way...

Looks like a fairly nice bike. I think you could get $1,000 for it pretty quick if you fix the crank seal and do a deep cleaning of the bike.

Thanks for the reply! I already took the swing arm off to repack the bearings and check the shock. I figured that once I had the rear wheel off to put on the new sprocket, I might as well take the rest of it apart too. I'll be taking the front end apart too, repacking the bearings and checking the fork seals...

Ive seen that bike on ebay last week ...anyway ,i had one of these 81s 15 years ago and restored it- sold it for a grand, cant believe its still worth 1k after all those years... any ways- good luck :ride:

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