FMF Powercore4 vs Mini?

So I've been reconsidering buying a pipe the past few weeks. FMF is one of the best company out there for pipes from what i've heard and read. I looked into their TT-R 125 pipes and noticed they had the Powercore4, and the Powercore4 Mini. The Mini is about $20 bucks less and i figure that 20 bucks is 20 bucks ya know?

So my question is: What the heck is the difference between these two pipes? Obviously the mini is smaller and probably quieter than the Full Size but are there power differences between the two?

I bet the mini is louder, not quieter. Other than that, on a 4 stroke, probably won't notice a difference either way in power gains. I've got the powercore on my TTR250 and love it. It's got a nice sound, and combined with the air filter and proper jetting, it really screams.

Well. I did some number crunching yesterday and figured out that with the price of a pipe, air filter and jetting, i would be able to trade in my TT-R for a CRF 150 and increase power expotentially.

Plus I'm a Honda man. Dad just pulled the trigger on the TT-R quick. It wasn't even all too good of a deal. $2300 for a hold over 2007. Sad thing is it's only worth about $1500 now. if even that. I can pick up a CRF 150F for around that price now.

You should be able to get the air filter, exhaust, and jets for under 400 bucks. Don't give up on the TTR, it's a good bike. I like both Honda and Yamaha, and wouldn't shake a stick at the difference. I usually prefer Honda utility quads, and Yamaha dirtbikes. (yamaha makes a fine outboard boat motor too)

I paid 1500 bucks for a used 2004 TTR 250, about a year and a half ago or so. A new CRF230 was close to 3K, which is a nice bike and all, but I always heard good things about the TTR, and the price was right. I was not disappointed with my decision. I love my TTR.

Wow. That's a good deal. I think I'm going to keep the bike stock for now. I haven't really outgrown the power as of yet. Plus i need a job first. I can't see my self dipping into my college funds for dirt bike stuff.

My numbers i came up with went about like this if your wondering:

$2300 Bought 2007 hold over

$1300 KBB retail value for 2007

$1600 KBB retail value for 2009 (A litte better est. since mine is only a year old)

$150 Full Powercore from dealer (and that's a haggled down cash price)

$80 Uni High flow airfilter

$60 New 26mm carb off a YZ80 (already have bigger jets in. Jetted for 7K feet or so)

So you're up to around $300 for the whole thing. That's not bad, but i can get a 2006 CRF 150 for $1600 that still has the original back tire.

But really this is all dreaming. If i had money to blow . . .

Food for thought: While the CRF-F may be putting out a larger power number due to it's larger displacement, it also weighs more... 198 to 236


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