Crf250r Suspension race sag and forks

Im 180 pounds, with gear about another 15. I need step on step instructions on how to correcly set my sag on my spring and the right about of clicks on my front forks. I have all stock suspension. That be great, thanks. I just dont want to mess anything up.

First you need to check your sag.

Begin with your bike on a stand with the rear tire off the ground. Measure a point at the end of your swing arm to a point on the fender, perhaps around where the side number plate and rear fender meet. Record this number - we will refer to it as L1.

Next take the bike off of the stand, compress the seat a few times and then record the measurement at the same points as for L1. This measurement will be L2.

Then, with gear on (preferably), get on your bike. Many people will say to stand rather than sit on it. You will need someone to help you with this one. Compress the shock a few times and then record the measurement at the same points as with L1 and L2. This measurement will be referred to as L3.

Your Rider Sag is L1 minus L3. Usually this is anywhere between 95 and 110 mm depending on the bike and rider preference. I think for CRF's people generally use between 100 and 105 mm sag.

Your Free Sag is L1 minus L2. Usually this will be around 25-45 mm. If its on either end of this range, then you will likely need a new spring for your weight.

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