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xr 200r Max piston size on standard Liner?

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I am putting a 82 motor together using 2 to make 1..

One has a cooked head and fried cam from no oil, the other motors top end is good , seized but with a new 67mm piston which had sat for many years with the engine locked up, water in bottom end etc.

So I have dismantled the top end on both, and had to get a bit medieaval with the locked up engine to get the piston out the barrel after soaking with lube etc. Piston is new, with cross hatching evident on the bore higher up where not rusted..

However once apart I noticed the liner is cracked, not sure if it was me or already cracked. But a 67 mm piston sitting in a 69mm OD liner is pretty dicey I would have thought....especially with how much of the liner is exposed

So my dilemma now is do i use the 67mm piston on the other barrel with a bore job to save $ or do I go for a 66 or 66.5 piston keeping as much meat on the liner as possible (havent measured bore yet) in the other barrel ?

Any comments or experience on this appreciated.

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