Cleaning products

Looking for suggestions for bike cleaning products. Currently use simple green, which does a pretty good job. Just wondering if something works better than that. An all in one product that makes the black rims shiny, spokes, and the motor clean? Buddy of mine started using Eagle 1 mag cleaner...seems to do a good job.

I use Charlie's Soap, its biodegradeable and does a great job. Spray it on, let it sit, spray it off. I get it locally but you can also get it online. I pay about $18 a gallon of concentrate which lasts me several months.

ive heard good things about shout stain remover. im prob gonna try it when my simple green runs out.

Nice thing about Charlies Soap is it can be used to clean almost everything from carpet to clothes. Doesn't get much play, but it is a great product.

I haven't tried Charlie's Soap before. I'll have to look that one up.

I have used Shout the last couple of times and was pretty impressed. If you want a great all in one, the best I have tried is Liquid Performance Cycle Wash. The bike looks absolutely new after using it. It even gets the tires looking brand new. Only downside is the price. I have used Simple Green and others, Liquid Performance has been the best so far. You don't dilute it, you just spray it on, let it sit a few minutes and wash off.;jsessionid=08625A0E1E66339D9D1CCD6227AA39AF?webCatId=23&webTypeId=22&navTitle=Chemicals&navType=type&prodFamilyId=10938&stockId=91052

I'm using a product called "Oil Eater" comes from Costco for about $10.00 a gallon of concentrate. I just dilute as suggested, spray it on the bike and hose it off works great for getting the "Walker Valley Red" clay off.

If I want to do a deeper clean (which I do once a month) I'll spray it on and then use a stiff paint brush to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Works for me :smirk:

I believe we can agree there are many great ways to skin this cat. :smirk:

I believe we can agree there are many great ways to skin this cat. :smirk:

This is kind of like the "Which 2 stroke oil is best" thread :prof:

By the way, which do you prefer 2 stroke or 4 stroke and why???? :smirk:

This is kind of like the "Which 2 stroke oil is best" thread :prof:

By the way, which do you prefer 2 stroke or 4 stroke and why???? :smirk:

....better yet: which is better, knobby or trials tire :smirk:


Anything but a power washer.

are any of these proven not to damage brakes? i read in a couple of books that cleaning detergents can be harmfull to brake pads, especially if you use carbon...

A motorcycle should not be washed at all if it's called a "dirtbike", especially if it's riding season.... The Only exception is if you race, then scrub up your bike alittle so all the pansies with their shinny sticker tea and crumpet bikes won't start puking in fear at your menacing collection of bike and gear...

I just bought a 5 gallon bucket of 'Bar-Sol' today from a local parts store.

The chain-lube on the rear sprocket you can put the rag in this cleaner (it is clear) and it will come off like butter.

I got a deal on it for $40!

I am going put some in a spray bottle, the flash-point is 140.

This is the same cleaning chemical in parts-vats in shops.

Dawn liquid dish soap with warm water works better than most of the fancy cleaners I've tried, and the price is right...

I use about 3/4 to 1 cup of liquid cloths detergent mixed with water in an inexpensive plastic garden sprayer. Pressure the garden sprayer up, and you are ready to go! This method works great on dirt, mud and light grease stains.

Hope this helps!


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