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HELP ME PLEASE!!! TTR 225 Idle Issues

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Ive searched through the treads in the TTR and other mechanical sections and cant find an answer for this.

Bike: 2001 TTR 225 all stock. Carb: Main 130, Pilot 40. Atmospheric conditions: High humidity usually 85% to 95%, 500 ft Above Sea Level

The bike will start and idle just fine on the choke and once warmed up will idle fine without the choke. However, if you roll on the throttle 7 time out of 10 the idle will not decrease when released. Stays high and sometimes will increase on its own.

The same thing if I am riding it. While riding or if I ride then get off and let it idle for a minute or two.

I went through the carb with B-12 and compressed air. Have the idle set to what I "THINK" is good. The float and needle valve seem and to be good. The timing marks are lined up at TDC and the valve clearance is on point and has not changed.

The only thing abnormal about the card is the needle jet set in the diaphragm assembly. The guy I got it from seems to have messed it up some how. But I don't know how. He had a small nut sitting inside on top pf the needle, I assume to make contact with the spring. I know he did this intentionally, because I got two TTRs from him and the carbs on both were the same way.

What do you think is going on?

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Buy a new pilot jet, stop trying to clean the old one. Then properly set the fuel screw.

He probably used the nut to raise the needle in a misguided attempt to richen it. Do your self a favor, get a jet kit and do it right.

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