second time on the track(video)

went to a local track for the second time friday. any tips or comments are much appreciated!!

There are guys on here who can pick apart everything you're doing right or wrong, but I noticed a couple things pretty quickly.

You were really heavy on the clutch coming out of corners. Might just be that you're on a 125 and it's been forever since I was on one. Just seemed like a lot of revving and not a lot of going.

Second, be careful on those jumps, man! To land some of those on a 125, you're gonna have to hit them harder than you were. You don't want to come up too short.

Lastly, nice job on the little bumps. The whoops didn't look too gnarly, but they can be tough none the less, especially for only your second time on an MX track

I've always tried never to drop it in first after i get going just b/c I've neutral dropped it to many times and I cry a little when it happens:lol:. and yea I agree I was clutching a little bit more then i normally would and we've had a TON of rain i was lucky the track was even open b/c of all the rain. I hope to go back again soon and try some more things. my first time out i came back with some questions and the tips i got helped alot I tryed getting lower in my turns and found the further i put my foot out infront of my body the better i cornered. and the whoops were to me the easiest and most fun on the whole track IMO

and to the people that can pick apart my riding please do. I understand its constructive critisizem and as long as it helps me to become a better rider i'm down:p

my one main problem that will also help me with my jumping trying to carry more speed through corners!?!? is it just rail the corner and hope it sticks or what?

Oh glad I didn't have a cam when I first started :smirk:

Looks fine for starting out. Need to work on corner speed which comes with practice. A 125 needs to be shifted quite alot to keep the rpm and speed matched which is prolly why you're hounding the clutch right now. If you have the confidence to case a jump without getting rattled, you have the confidence to go faster and clear it :smirk:

I learned to ride on a 125 at 16 years old. I finally got back into the sport at 26 on a 4 stroke and had to relearn how to ride. Then I bought a yz250 2 stroke and had to remember how they work. All I did was go a gear lower than normal and rev the hell out of it!

CaveMike like bike. Your bike shiny. Go track every week for 3 month. Take mx lesson. Go 3 more month. Take lesson again. You very good then. Probably go pro. Get even shinier bike then.

I've got a spare bike thats an 05 kx 125 so I ride it quite a bit at the track to keep time off my 250f. Second gear is a really low speed gear, first is unnecessary. I only use it to ride int he pits, Start in second. You shouldnt have to be ont he clutch that much in second, it seems liek your in third. What teeth are you running on the front and rear sprockets? I've got the stock gearing on mine and its nice. The biggest thing I would say to you really has nothing to do with your riding ability but, its a big deal on the track. DONT look back all the time to see if somebody is behind you. What happens when a faster rider is coming up behind you, they pick a line on the outside lets say if it looks like your going inside. Since they are faster they will safely make the pass on the outside, but when you look and then last second go outside because you're trying to get out of the way, its a mess. Just keep working on it, I rode woods all growing up and touched my first track in 2009, and now i'm extremely comfortable on the track and get around fairly well. Seat time is key. Try to charge into the corners harder, and if you must get on the brakes harder. This will help to get your corner speed up and as you progress you'll use less brake to carry more speed.

Not bad for your second time. The track looked soft which makes things just a little harder. I would get you bar pad though, when I first started I smacked the bars quite a few times.:smirk:

i ride at that track

haha yea I've seen your videos. what do you think of the track?

havnt been there since he changed the track but from your vid looks like he groomed it nice, and its the best bang for ur buck to ride

not bad dude! like everyone is saying above easy on the clutch in the corners and don't be afraid to charge those jumps! but great job for your second time. you got nowhere to go but up from here. keep up the good work!

Definitely reccomend a handlebar pad, especially when your in a learning process at the track. Stay safe and have fun! :smirk:

Great work, less clutch and more shifting and you'll be on the right path. You're ready to clear those jumps with a lil more confidence, will feel smoother anyways with the way you are hitting them now. Wish I could afford a 125 to work on clutch control, stuck with the 250 and have a lot more bottem end to back me up. Keep up the good work, happy to see someone open for advice! makes us all better riders

With your clutch hand, take your pinky and ring finger and hold on to the bar. Try to practice using both your middle and index fingers on the lever if your not comfortable using just one of the two.holding on to the bar with just your thumb and index finger is asking for trouble. It'll tire you out less and you'll have much more control.

And for the most important advice of all.......keep on going back!:smirk:

Ballin' bro! Only your second time at the track? Thats awesome man you're riding great, just keep it up and remember, the more hours you put in at the track the more "Techniques" you're going to be able to try and you'll find out what works the best. For now I'd say you're definitely on the right track though!

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