help finding stripped exhaust valve screws

I'm looking for the screw for the exhaust valve rod and also the screws from the exhaust valves themselves got stripped up pretty good. Can anybody help me find something like this?

1989 RM250

The guy I bought it off of said RM, but the cylinder head matches up to the RMX style in my service manual. Not sure if this would make a difference or not. I also need the bolts for the studs if anybody knows where to get info on those.

Thanks a ton if anybody can help me. I had to send out my cylinder to get welded and replated. Ordered the new piston and trying to order these parts that got damaged. Thanks!

+1 ~ The only difference between a '89 RM and RMX cylinder is the power valve, the head is the same.

Either way it doesn't matter, the Thumper Talk store (or Bike Bandit) can get you what ever you need.

'89 RM250 diagrams off of Thumper Talk:



I'm going to go with the thumper store next time. Bike bandit took a few days to ship out my order..

Thanks a lot for the help though guys. After the cylinder/head stud nuts, oring and spring for the power valve and a dowel I should be good to go.

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