Stock 09 kx250f suspension question/sag

I am 16 years old, 5'9 168lbs. Checked me race sag and it was 1/4 of an inch off, will this make any noticeable difference to me? I am a C Class rider not an A rider although i do all the jumps at our local tracks :smirk:

Another side question, did my second harescramble today and its probably just me but my suspension sure does feel stiff for trail riding. All the rocks and roots, bumps, all seem to jerk me forward and all around. Anyone else race on this suspension in the woods? How are your clickers set up?

Thanks in advance! :smirk:

the stock setup on that bike isn't too well for woods type riding in my opinion.

yeah suspension valving on any motocross bike arent the best for off road type riding you sorta need to decide on what you want to do moto or offroad but not saying you cant do both just see if going out on your high and low speed on your shock and low speed on your fork helps out if not get a revalve you can normally valve the suspension so its good for alot of different terain all you gotta do is probley get so shims removed and on sag on the shock 100-103mm race sag should be ok try it out

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