Solved my sticky throttle problem

So i finally got a chance to pull my carb off and figure out why by throttle has been sticking. Just figured i would post this up in case anyone else has had that problem. I have a 2000 E model with the fcr slant carb.

Found out that the rubber lip seal between the throttle plate and the assembly was swollen from being old, which was pushing the throttle plate up against the housing of the carb too tight causing it to stick. I ordered up a new lip seal along with a few other old o rings, threw 'em on, and im back in busines. :smirk:

So, those of you who have this carb and cant figure out why its sticking, try cleaning it and see if that lip seal is expanded.

Someone may have sprayed it with carb cleaner, I cleaned a 3 inch caliper dust boot once and ended up with 5 inch boot.

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