Cheap or free mods for 2001 rm80

I recently bought an rm80 that came with an fmf fatty, fmf powercore 2, V-force reeds, aftermarket triple clamp, and pro taper bars. i want to add some more to it, but i want to spend as little money as possible, so let me know if you have suggestions.

Taking care of it will be the best money spent, it seems like it has plenty done to it already,

Where is Massachusetts do you live or ride in? Im also in mass and have a RM85, I have plenty of places to ride, lemme know

Good advice. i live just north of Boston. I was thinking about going down to Franklin, but where do you ride?

Ride in Somerset,Swansea,Rehoboth,Middleboro,Freetown,Assonet,Berkley

alright I'll see if I can get to any of those places

alright I'll see if I can get to any of those places

Give me a heads up if you are ever around those areas to ride at, just PM me

ok i will

mill the head a little. you can do it with a BIG flat file. set the squish to 0.8MM and you get some more ooomph out of it. other than that its pretty much just porting the cases/cylinder. porting really wakes up two strokes

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