Wheel interchangeability

I am planning on picking up a spare set of wheels for my '02 KTM 250sx for dedicated sand tires. I cant find solid information on what years are interchangeable. One source states 98-08 another 03-11.. Can anyone clarify this please?

The rears are all the same from 1990 the fronts are from 00-02. Or look at bearing kits to make sure. The fronts might go back further.

Thanks for the info Fred

I think 02 was the first year of the 48mm forks but they were with the smaller front axle making 02 an odd ball year, SX models. The newer front wheel will not work. 98 had the 50mm forks with yet a different size axle. If you switch to 03 and up forks that would open up a lot of choices for you.

02 250sx front axle WHEEL SPIN.FRO.USD48 D=20 2002

03 250sx front axle WHEEL SPIN.FR. D=26 M24x1,5 07

If I am not mistaken D=20 is the diameter of the axle.

To sum it up your choices in the rear wheel are very wide but the front wheel is going to be a problem. If this is a bike you plan on keeping for a long time you may want to upgrade the front end.


Great info Joe. Thanks :smirk:

99 and older front axles are 17mm, 00-02 are 20mm, 03 and newer are 26mm. The 02 SX were an odd one as said, 48mm forks with 20mm axle.

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