Help!! Moving While In Neutral??!

Hi, I have a 2007 sxf250 that I just rebuilt, and it runs really good! While I was starting it out at the track I notices the rear wheel will move while in neutral. I know it can move a little but it moves like its in gear but not as fast. The bike has 6.1 hours on it, and it does not effect the way it rides. I am just concerned I left something out while it was apart. :smirk:

can I assume while on the stand? if so this is normal. Depend on the gear oil in the trans.

If on the other hand its while on the ground you are screwed.

How So????

once the oil is hot it should stop, cold oil and the wheel may move

I am using basic Valvoline non synthetic oil to brake in the bike, so different oil may help

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