dirt in motor rm250 ugh......................

hear sand in the motor like getting crunched when i slowly kick it u hear it grinding so what is the best way to clean out the internals without taking it apart or do i have to? wont start replaced the cracked reeds i think the dirt caused and still no start got spark and all could the dirt cause this too?:smirk:

How did the dirt get in there??

In any case the only way to be completely sure that all of the dirt is out of the engine is to completely disassemble it.

If it inhaled dirt then the bottom-end, crank and crank-seals will need replacing.

Also, the cylinder takes a beating (scratched cylinder walls) and will need replating along with a piston/rings.

How did it inhale dirt?

It is a ticking time-bomb with the bottom-end/top-end, but you can run it. Just it will eventually gernade and cost even more money.

smh dam more bad news lol well i will take it apart and post pics later on to see what u guys think


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