bleeder cap crf250X

so i was doing a little maint. today preparing for next weekends riding/camping trip:banana:...bled my forks,when putting the left side bleeder back in the top of the screw snapped off:banghead::lol::smirk:,its just the cap of the screw,its the stock bleeder screw,the Oring is still sealed with the rest of the you guys think that it will stay sealed?im pretty sure i wont be able to get a new screw by friday:banghead: though im gonna call the dealer and see,but im not holding my breath for it:banghead:,i cant be with out my bike for next weekend!!!:smirk::banghead::prof:...i put a tiny dab of JB weld on the cap of the screw hoping it will crab and i ll be able to get the screw out,any input on this issue would be hugely appreciated:worthy::lol:..p.s.i didnt over tighten the screw,the previous owner did and stressed it:foul:,i barely snugged it when the head snapped off:foul:

it should seal ok if the majority of the head is still there, can i ask not to put so many animations in your post as its hard to read.

wrong mog, it's supposed to be a comic :smirk:

lolol yeah sorry about that...the animation,i was kinda animated when i posted it...thanx for the info

see if you have a Cycle Gear store close by. and then go there and by the push button bleeders and install those instead. about $15.

i called all over,i live in the country,our local dealer doesnt have the part in stock,called a few places in tucson and no gonna order the bleaders tomarrow but they wont be in till next wed

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