2004 Honda CR85R expert questions

I am 12 years old and just got a 2004 honda CR85R expert. I'm 5 feet tall and about 100 pounds. i cant reach the ground yet and want to know if i can lower the seat if so how....any other info about this bike would be great

Thank You

you can get a step down seat for it or take the stock seat and shave the foam and reinstall the seat cover. another option check on ebay and find the smaller wheels for it and run those until you grow into the big wheels.

I doubt they make them for your bike, but have you checked for lowering links?

Devol does make lowering links for the CR85s. I sold a pair a few months ago from my son's bike. That is the best way to lower the bike. Cutting the seat means replacing it when you grow. The links can be swapped out in minutes. They replace the links on the bottom of the shock that connects it to the frame. If you need a set of 17" front and 14" rear rims, pm me and we can work it out. I have about 5 sets in my garage from parts bikes. Last set I shipped was right at $40 to ship. Good luck


what are the lowering links?

loosen the front pinch bolts and let the forks slide up the clamps as much as it will allow before it touches the handle bars.

Lowering links replace the stock links on the rear suspension. If you look under the rear shock, they are the two flat metal pieces (about 1/8" thick, about 4" long and about 1" wide). The rear shock connects to a triangular metal piece that is connected to the links and the swingarm. The links connect this piece to the frame of the bike.


Thanks for your help. :eek:

buy the small wheels.

Does anyody know a website i can get the manual free?

OR the mix ratio if it?



I agree with the good posts to this topic. My son has a kx100. When he could not touch the ground we moved the forks up in the triple clamps and set the rear shock to the softest settings. This helped a lot. Save the stock equipment....you will use it again real soon. Before you know it you be needing high bars and a taller seat!

5' is tall enough to ride it not lowered.. but if u have too get a lowering link and drop the forks. and get the right springs for your weight..remember u will grow very fast....thats what we do for the kids on the cr85.. smaller wheels isnt the answer..first u r twelve and will grow into it in 3 days, second my son installed his own link at 12 and pulled it at 13, its 2 bolts..now he is 14 and on a very tall kx250. in a few weeks it will be just right.. time to get used to it! its a sweet bike!

Thanks for all your help. The bike is a perfect height now! I can't wait til my dad and mw go riding again! haha

Thanks again


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