03 Rm250 question

I have an 03 RM250 it was shooting out oil real bad so i took the right side off to check the seal, when i got down to it the seal was not sealed it was on the crankshaft, i pushed the seal back in place and closed everything. i sprayed carb cleaner in the silencer and pipe sprayed in the cylinder to try to clean out the oil, i rode it after it started running right i look back down and theirs still small but alot less oil before i pushed the seal back in to place, i was woundering if its possible if their might still be oil in the crank area causing it to still shoot oil out the pipe or does the oil from the trans go in to the crank area?

No ,there should not be transmission oil in the crank area.

The seal is probably shot ( either the outside or inside diameter) .

My 03 , went out at about 100 hours.......my 05 just cut loose at 30 hours......must order parts. Must be a weak link , for rm 250 s .

There will still be excess oil in there initially and it will smoke for a bit. Fill tranny fluid, go for a good long ride, drain and measure. See if you lost any.

Yea I rode it awhile down the road and back couple time prob 3 miles, I'll wipe the control off and try it again, see if its getting better. Should I clean the power valves again?

Clean your pipe out and repack your silencer as well. Hard to tell if you fixed if you still have excessive amount of oil in the exhaust system. Oh and make sure your going WOT as much as you can. You don't want to be fooled by normal spooge that can occur by not riding it hard enough.

well i rode it past three days now hard, and it stopped :smirk: :smirk: i guess it was just still some in the crank area

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