Bike woudn't crank today!

So I took my 08 250 xcf-w riding. Unloaded it and put on my gear, and the thing wouldn't crank. It would turn over and I could smell gas. I tried it later on tonight with the same results. I am wandering if I got water somewhere I shouldn't when I was washing it at the car wash last week. Any advice of where to start looking first?

Also, what size is the socket for the spark plug? I need to go buy a cheap one to grind down to fit it.


There is one in your tool kit if you have your tool kit. The spark wrench is cheap from KTM. If you washed the bike without taking the air filter out and putting a cover on there is good chance you got water in the carb. Lean the bike over and let gas come out the overflow and try again.

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