Need help rehooping my 1979 xr500

So I have a problem. I have a 1979 xr500 and I want to change to a 21" front wheel. I thought I could just buy a 1982 21" front rim and just slap it on. That is a BIG NEGATIVE. So I need to take my hub and put it into the 21" rim. What I need to know is what size spoke will I need or how do i figure it out? Can I use the spoke's from the 1982 21" rim?????? Also will I need any special tools. Sorry guys but I need your wisdom. I love my old thumper.

do the hubs look similar? how many spokes in each? if the same and hubs look similar, try lacing your old hub to the 21" rim using the 21" spokes. good luck

When I did my '79 XR's wheels, I wound up going to Buchanan's Spoke & Rim for spokes. They ran around $90 a set, shipped, back around 2006 or so.....

Ohh yeah, I forgot something here..... I used a '79/'80 Honda CR250R front brake/hub on that deal. But I do know that Buchanan's used to make spokes for your stock front brake.....


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