99 CR80R Expert new top end?

I bought a 99 CR80R expert about a month ago. I dont think the top end has been replaced since about 2003. But then again it wasnt ridden alot between 2007 and the time i purchased it. It starts up first or second kick everytime i ride it and if i put it a new spark plug it always starts up first kick for a while. Ive noticed that before you hit powerband it dosnt have that much power but once you hit powerband its a rocket! Ive read that CR80's notoriously have low bottom end power though so that might be it. But i was just wondering what some signs are that i need a new top end. Thanks :smirk:

Having just picked the bike up, I would recommend putting in a new top end so that you know where you stand instead of guessing and hoping it is okay. The easiest way to know if it needs a new top end is to know what the bike feels like with a good top end and as time goes on, you will feel the difference. Kinda the old "Gee, it seems like it use to be faster." seat of the pants dyno. A top end for these bikes is fairly cheap and also it gives you the chance to get to know your bike. There are a lot of videos on how to do it. And yes, these bikes are notoriously slow on the bottom end. They are designed to be ran on the pipe at high RPMs. You could get a compression tester and check your compression. Make sure your jetting is correct and you should be good to go. Enjoy the bike.


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