Hanging Rock 200, DRZ finishes,

:smirk: I just unloaded my DRZ from the trailer. It is covered with a thick coating of southern Ohio mud. My body is sore and a bit bruised up. The bike ran well despite multipule spills in the goo. Most guys riding the event had fake dualsports and by this i mean bikes like Honda CRF 450s which in no way could be considered real dualsports. IE no horn, no turn signals, no hi.low beam, etc. The mud was nasty. I fell three times trying to negociate a very steep off camber left hander. Damm im not in as good of shape as i once was. I held the DRZ flag high, despite the army of those orange bikes. Your DRZ Bro, Mitch. :smirk:

Congrats on the finish.

I loved riding my kx250 with 4x4 quad riders in the deep deep mud of the michigan swamps . they were always suprized with how well that thing could plow throught it. man I miss my 2stroke. sorry all you 4strokers ( me to now) but they are just way more fun.

+1 well done to finish. I remember when i finished my first hare and hounds on the drz i was beaten but pleased to have used something a little different in a field of ktm's, wr's etc.:smirk:

Yea, i know what your takin about. The 2 strokers seem to negociate the nasty mud just a bit better. I swear my DRZ weighed 20 pounds more with all that mud clinging to it. Happy i finished the event in one piece. I will try to be a little prepared for my next event. IE, a roll chart and get my front suspention a bit more dialed in. I weigh 210 with my riding gear. I set the rear end sag, but the front end seemed a bit stiff. It deflected in the ruts quite a bit. My gut feeling is to soften the compression dampining a bit. Anybody out there in the Thumper Talk Nation have any stock suspension adjustments for a east coast type of trails for a guy of my weight and ability? I used to be ranked as a B class rider. Bike is a 01 e model with fresh 7.5 weight fork oil installed. Thanks Mitch :smirk:

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