My MX Trailer video

I use to make edited ATV videos from Tahiti that I upload on youtube...

I decided to make one with dirtbikes, so here's a little trailer I made for it, I'm the Quad rider and my friends are the Dirtbike riders. :smirk:

Looks pretty cool! That was one messy start!

Yeah, nice work man.

Looks pretty cool! That was one messy start!


Cool editing. And what a gnarly mud race! No way I could ride within 30ft of someone in mud like that!

Nice! Well Done!! Anymore to come??

Thanks everyone !

Yeah that's a pretty intense holeshot, you have to get it or you'll have to ride without googles lol.

I tried to ride this track in this condition with my quad but I just don't have enough ground clearance, the mud is so deep my swinger touch the ground lol.

Yep more vids are coming, I'm just pretty busy at the moment and don't have the time to go to the track, I'll leave for holliday soon too but when I'll be back I'll upload a new full one :smirk:

Cool video and a sick raptor.

Wow, sick trailer. Didn't know there would be racing in Tahiti too!

Nice vid! Killer mud too! Looks like a great place for a track!

Nice video I liked it, looks really muddy.

Thanks guys !

yeah that track is always muddy, and the other we see in the video is always dusty lol.

There's only 2 Mx track here, but they're not really mx track, they look more like SX tracks lol, they're full of jumps after every corner and some a very impressive.

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