I finally pulled the trigger!

O.K. I finally pulled the trigger on another bike to replace my old DR350s. Of course a DRZ400s only seemed appropriate. So I'm stoked to have wheels under me again. I think I did O.K. on the deal, bike has a little over 8000 miles and is in decent condition. its a 01 with no special mods or anything. I'll try to get some pictures uploaded tomorrow to satisfy everyone's needs to see a plain old stock 01 zuk.:smirk:

I do miss the 6sp of the dr 350 already though.

Now it's time to start modding, he he.

1st MCCT

2nd uncork the pig

3rd 3x3 mod, kinda goes with number 2

4 ride like hell is chasing me.

5 P.M. BB and see about changing my user name to kamikazi drz rider. lol

added, 6 locktite mod.

7. I think a revalve of the susp, and stiffer springs might be in order too.

Edited by kamikazi dr rider

congrats on the new to you bike! sounds like you got a pretty good buy about the same bike and close to same price as I just got

loctite fixes................

Congrats! Enjoy the ride, and the modding bug if your so inclined.

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