3x3 Jetting Fuel Mixture Question... Please Help Me Out!!

Hey guys and gals. This is my first time on thumper talk and love some of the stuff I am reading. I am working on my 2009 DRZ400sm and have a question for you. I have a k&n filter, two brothers exhaust and will be installing a jetting kit and 3x3 mod this week. Everything seems easy with the carb but have one question before I tare it apart. The instructions say to drill out the plug to access the mixture screw. After that do I need a new mixture screw, or am I just drilling out the plug so I can adjust the stock screw to the spec? Your advice with this would be greatly appreciated or anything ideas with the jetting kit.

Thanks in advance..

Kyle G

you remove the plug so you can "access the mixture screw". The government assumes everyone is too dumb to adjust the screw so it must be covered. In theory after it is adjusted 'properly' a new plug should be installed each time. The 'spec' is a suggestion to get it close so the bike will run, but you still should adjust with the bike running. Extended screw makes it much easier to adjust.

This has been covered enough times to write an encyclopedia. Please try out the search function, or even browse the last few pages of threads. This subject covered frequently.

Welcome aboard.

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Thank a bunch. I just learned last night how to search for different topics.. Thanks again.

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