1974 ty 250

Hey just got this bike last week and im having alot of fun with it. And I thought you guys might know how a guy goes about getting bigger foot pegs? Is there a different foot pegs from different bikes that would fit?

I know about b and j Racing a vintige guy told me about that web site witch is awesome. But I was hoping you guys might know a easier way. Love the bike but hate the foot pegs lol.


nobody? im really getting tired of these foot pegs hahaha

I had the same problem when restoring my TY. EASY FIX.. I scoured EBAY and found a set of cheap "chinese pegs" for a (YAM WR250) ??? maybe , i dont remember for sure, BUT for $20 pls shipping they worked.. after a bit of modding, The bottom of the mounting bracket , was "boxed in , I had to take a dremel to it and cut out the bottom of it to allow the pege to go up/down. shimmed it with some washers and VIOLA... new pegs.. look around on ebay and look at the pictures closely ... it can be done .. I did it (see pics in "my garage") .. Chad

hey thanks for the tip chad! im gonna look into that. thanks

no problem, let us know how it goes ... CHAD

My vintage bike had the same small nubs. I took a strap of steel,1\2"?,spot gas welded it at one end then heated and wrapped it around while tacking it on in several places. After that was done i cut slots with the angle grinder.

so after looking around for a while i'm going with that link you sent me chad.

thanks for that. and i checked out your ty. that thing is savage!!!! hopefully i can get mine looking that one day!

BJ racing....bolt on retro fit is the way to go. Cut off your old ones, and bolt on the new ones. They reposition your stance, putting more weight to the back wheel...more traqction....more better!

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