what roostguard w/ leatt brace do you guys wear?


I need to get a new roostguard (preferably under jersey) that is compatible with my leatt brace, my junky tld one isn't. So, I'm just wondering what you guys wear with your leatt brace, and how many of you wear under-jersey ones? I'd much prefer an under-jersey one for sure but if it's a significant protection difference will go with an over jersey one. main thing is that it works/fits with a leatt brace properly and isnt all bulky like mine ;/

Been looking at the 661 rogue as per suggested (through twitter hah) by twitch, but was wondering what you guys wear?

oh btw, tld says my roostguard 'works' with one, but i have a s-m because i'm only 5'2 but in reality its almost impossible to get under teh armor and even then there's no play at all because the neckhole is so small on the s-m.


I wear the UFO Reactor 2 Evolution with my Leatt, and i wear it under my jersey. It works perfect :smirk:

Love my Sixsixone Rogue! Fits nicely under my jersey and provides plenty of roost protection (even big rocks don't hurt)!

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