short person start

i know how a normal-tall person should to a race start but what about a short person that can flat foot both feet(heck i can flat foot 1)yes i know im short so no need for those jokes:lol:

Looking forward to the answers here as i'm in the same boat , I think a holeshot device may help to lower the bike on the line ...

im still in the same boat, if possible make a mound of dirt beside each bike or get blocks of wood for your feet, I could just one foot on the tip of my boot at the gate on my crf 250. It can be sore on the joints but sure.. :smirk:

I use wood blocks. Lots of people do that here.

im switching to wood blocks also.i barely tip toe with one leg while the other one doesnt even touch the peg, this is on a 250sxf and i tried sitting on a CRF250 with a holeshot device and it really didnt make a big enough difference.

I'm 5'6 on a cr250 w/no lowerering kits. I can tip toe and stay up. Makes it easy to just take off and pretty much keep the boots right next to the pegs till shift time. I've heard of people using blocks.

I'm 5'5. I sent my suspension to Factory Connection to have them shorten my suspension by 1 inch and properly revalve the suspension. Taking it to a professional is the only way to go. Don't do the half-azsx seat cut and raising the forks. It will make the bike imbalance.

I raised my pegs up by 1.5 inches too. I saw it done at the Anaheim Supercross a few years ago by a pro rider.

Throw your ego out of the window and adjust the bike to fit you. Riding a bike that is too tall is not fun.

Get a smaller bike

I'm 5'2" ....use wood blocks, milk crate what ever...I've done it all and still manage to fair pretty well....and get one of those orange bikes with the magic button

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