New to forum and Rebuilding my 04

I bought my first dirt bike since i was 12 (21 in 2 weeks) and it was an 04 250f that hadnt been rode maybe 5 times in the last 3 years. Still had all original stuff on it including the tires. I Had been riding it quite a bit and had some good jumps built at my biddies place. I was riding it about 2 weeks ago going down the county road and it died got it started after kicking it a bunch and kept dieing befor it finally locked up. It had oil coolant and everything it should. I took it in and they said the crank was bad and they tore it down more and it needed a new top and bottom end. I went with a cylinder works big bore kit and a stroker crank to make it 285cc. How much of a difference is the extra 35 cc going to make when its all done and what do i need to do for break in period and all that stuff. Thanks for the help

Congrats on the new baby and sorry it was a bitch so new in life. Anyways your jetting will have to be changed but I'd imagine break in period would be the same as a regular break in. Steady RPMs for about 15min without lugging it then change oil and filter (IMO). Don't know how much more power you'll get but interested to know

Depends who you ask. Have you bought everything yet? If you haven't highly recommend going to Luke's Racing and get one of his big bore/stroker kits and ask him those questions. He is a really nice guy and replies very quickly.

Yea I ordered everything already from a eBay store in California he made an entire kit for me it'll be here Friday I'm hoping since its only a jump in 19cc it wont be to bad

Well I can't offer much more advise since I don't have a stroker or big bore but I am very curious about an honest opinion on how the combo turns out. Please update us after you're done and any info you come up with

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