husaberg front brake '10 question

my front brake has become very doughy the last ride i went on. so i figured hmm time to check the lines and bleed the fluid. no luck. the brakes do work but not well enough, pads and the rest of it all seem good and i have wound the adj all the way clockwise in. previously i had noticed the brakes were always doughy until the bike had been started and a quick rev, i showed this to anoter bloke and he couldn't understand why this would be.

any help?

i presume the wires hanging off the brake level and down the fork are for brake lights only.



KTM has had this problem for years. Just bleed them every ride until it stops.

happens on lots of bikes that run a brake line that loops up before going down the forks, basically you get air in the line.

To fix it you want to push the caliper open enough to push the fluid up the line and the bubble back to the top, I use my knee against the caliper as hard as I can

some times we bleed thefront brake and hold the lever in all they way when done with a zipty overnight to get firmer brake laver pressure .dan

cheers fellas

The 2nd wire is for the speedo sensor pickup. There is a button mounted on the disc that it reads.

ah no worries,

got the brake issue sorted, i hope, about to test it today. just needed re-bleeding, didn't think it was going to turn into the three beer mission that it did though.

If you bleed, feed from the caliper instead of the reservoir. The bubbles will be transported to the top of the system e.g. your reservoir.

Often helps to unbolt the master cylinder and raise so you get a continuous uphill run for air bubbles to flow back to your master (otherwise the bubbles will be trapped in the elevated line and never flow out to the master, requiring regular bleeding)

i filled a bottle with fluid and melted a hose to the cap and secured it to the bleed line on the front caliper and taped it to the fork. but my plan didn't really work. i was hoping to pressurise the line with the bottle and squeeze the fluid (and any air) up the line into the reservoir, it didn't work that way. had to do the ol pump the lever up hold it on, crack the bleed, tighten it up. pump again hold it, crack it, tighten it up. do over and over for about 15 mins.. took it for a ride. and worked a treat. unfortunately i also encountered a fence. but a dampner on the day...

busted knee, great!

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