Homemade Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard

Just thought I'd share with everyone a little doo-dad I mader earlier last night. I was bored and it's only temporary, but I wanna know what you guys think!

Its a hard plastic protective case made for an 80g Zune. I lost the Zune but had this, so I gave it a whirl. For plastic, it's pretty darn tough. I figure it will do fine until I get the WC one.

I used a dremel tool to cut it btw..




sweet, that actually looks really legit. gots me thinking about old cell phone cases..

nice work bro that cover looks good

great idea man. that looks like it would hold up pretty decent too. now you got me thinkin.

Thanks guys. yeah if I had second go at it I bet I could make it a little bit prettier, but I'm happy with it. :smirk:

Very nice! How is it attached?

Nice job man!


I drilled a hole that the bottom bolt goes through. The top part i had to cut around because it threw the alignment off too much. The top is mainly just being hel in place with friction. It doesnt sound as sturdy as it is, but I cant move it.

I just recieved the Lightspeed frame guards, so if anybody wants my little homemade guard let me know and I'll send it to you free of charge. :ride:

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