09 rmz250 rear shock

Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me what the stock rear spring rate is?

Also what would people reconmand for a rider that weights around 90kg for sand riding?



STD is 5.4 and my chart says STD is good for you but personally I would want 0.46 forks and 5.6 rear

what are your sag numbers ?

hmm thats intresting... thanks for that... my race sag is 105mm.

The problem im having is that the back end just sinks... I sat on my mates crf250 and the front and rear comes down just a little bit... But on my the rear sinks and the front just moves a mm or two. so when corning the front just picks up and washes out..

whats your free sag?

free sag is 27mm

yes the STD spring is a little soft for you

So would you reconmand a 5.6?

yes i would but with the stiffer fork springs, otherwise its going to be terrible.

Yeah cool... Yeah ive got Racetech forks.... Bought the bike 2nd hand. so not sure the specs...

Thanks for your help mate!

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