Alli archiving there first motos again?


Anyone now if they are going to do this again as it was the only way i could catch the entire race with the time differences hear in australia.

MUch props to slicknick as well:thumbsup:

Speaking of slicknick.

I read in another post here yesterday that TPB is down, or at least Comcast is blocking it, and someone here on TT posted a proxy link.

I d'loaded the 450's and went to look for the proxy link thread I found yesterday here on TT to d'load the 250s, and the thread is gone??

When I searched my browser history, saw the page there and clicked on it, and it said the page had been removed from TT.

What's that about?


this link

takes you to the Speed's coverage of moto 1&2, which shows all of moto2 and highlights of moto 1. Is the full video of moto 1 for 250/450 out there anywhere? Its not on allisports archive, like they did last year (at least not yet).

cool, thanks. Last year I always went to the archive page to play them back.

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