Steering Stem nut replacement

Anybody replace their "special" steering stem nut with an aftermarket one that fits a normal socket?

The nut underneath the top triple clamp.

It requires a special tool( spanner) but I would rather just change out the type of nut if possible. I really want to be able to torque it down rather than using a hammer/punch combo. My nut is getting pretty chewed up so I am finally doing something about it. :smirk:

Anyone know where to find one?

As a side...Any theories as to why this nut is made this way? Is it to get more money from the consumer or what? Just curious.

How often do you R&R the steering stem???

IMHO, the spanner nut is used for its low profile. It might also help prevent overloading the steering stem bearings.

Why don't you just get the proper tool? They aren't expensive.

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